GU ID Cards

Picture of a student ID card, with the name "Jane Doe" and ID number 12345678, angled on a wooden pentagonal block. There is a blurred Georgetown Poster in the background.

Access control enabled ID cards are issued to all students, faculty, and staff. These are locally called GU ID Cards.

New Cards

  • New Faculty, Staff, or Students must provide BOSS with their GU ID number, picture (soft or hard copy), and name details.
  • After obtaining a pre-requisite, 3-4 business days are required to issue a GU ID card, which includes the Library barcode and emergency details printed on the back.

Replacement Cards

  • The student/faculty/staff must report to BOSS about losing their GU ID cards.
  • Students are charged QAR 100/-card for issuing a replacement GU ID card.
  • Staff and Faculty members who persistently lose their cards may also be charged QAR 100/—for a replacement card.
      • In case the ID card is expired or soon to be expired, contact BOSS or send email to for ID renewal

    Family ID Card

    • GU-Q staff and faculty members can apply for ID cards for their spouses and children (age 16 and above).
    • Bring the following to the Building Operations Office (LG36) located on the lower ground floor:
      • Copy of the employee’s GUID card.
      • Copy of the QID for the family member.
      • A clear photo of the family member.
    • The first family ID card issue is free of charge, and QAR 100/—will be charged as a replacement fee for the lost card.

    QF Hawiyati Card

    • GU-Q staff and faculty members can apply for QF Hawiyati cards if needed. QF processes and issues these cards; the lead time is around 7-10 days after the application is submitted.
    • Contact the BOSS office for assistance if further information is required.
      • The QF also issues Hawiyati cards for spouses and other family members, each costing QAR 50.