Parking Request Form

Please use this form to request parking for visitors arriving between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm.

  1. You are responsible for providing the visitor your mobile number and informing them to call you upon arrival for you to come and receive them at the security desk near VIP drop-off.
  2. The visitor is responsible for their own transportation. If they are arriving by taxi, please inform them to schedule both their drop-off and their pick-up with the driver to avoid transportation delays.
  3. Requests via this form must be made two business days in advance of visitor arrival. If the visitor is coming at short notice, please confirm parking availability with security at the control room 4457 8458 and make arrangements to receive your visitor.
  4. Please click here to print the accessibility route and here to get the phone numbers for transport services.

Please do not complete this form for public events.  Event specific parking information may be acquired from the events team.