Qatar Foundation Education City Shuttle Services for Students

Qatar Foundation runs a shuttle service for Education City students free of cost. Shuttles rotate to specific stops (see the link to the map and schedule below) Sundays to Thursday between 6:15 AM – 6:00 PM every 10 minutes. From 6:00 PM – 6:00 AM Sunday to Thursday shuttles are available on call as needed. The on-call service can be accessed by calling the Transport Operation number 4454-1105 to request a ride (please book your transport 15 minutes prior to the time to make necessary arrangements).

On weekends, Fridays and Saturdays, shuttles are available on call 24 hours per day by calling 4454-1105 to request a ride.

The Summer 2021 Bus Schedule and map for the QF Education City Campus Shuttle Service can be viewed via the link below:

Additional Services provided are:

  • Religious Trip for Students on Fridays: 11:00am pick up and 12:00pm return to and from Northnest & Southnest to Minaretein Mosque.
  • Buses to Recreation Center: will be on an on-call basis from 7:00am to 6:00pm from Northnest & Southnest, directly to Recreation Center. Students may call the Transport Operation number 4454-1105 to request a ride.
  • Shopping trip to Lulu Express: is available Sunday – Thursday between 4:00pm to 10:00pm (shuttle comes every 1 hour) via Southnest & Northnest (20 minutes of waiting time at Lulu Express for immediate returns).

QF City Operations would like us to remind all GU-Q students that in accordance with local and organizational guidelines, please ensure that while boarding a shuttle you:

– Wear a face mask
– Carry your own personal hand sanitizer wipes or bottle
– Maintain physical distancing
– Show the EHTERAZ app when requested (only commuters with a ‘green’ status will be allowed to board)
– Sit on identified seats only and do not stand in the bus
– Maintain physical distancing while waiting at the stops and boarding the bus
– Follow the protocol of the routes
– Please cooperate with the drivers if you not allowed to board the shuttle due to the shuttle being above maximum capacity (only 50% capacity is allowed as per present guidelines).

For your safety:
– All vehicles will be sanitized regularly
– Vehicles used for regular services will not be utilized for transporting confirmed cases as an added precaution
– Drivers will be wearing a face mask and necessary personal protective equipment (PPE)
– Physical barriers will be placed between drivers and commuters
– Drivers or transport supervisors will check for EHTRAZ app or temperature if required.

Drivers will not follow instructions from passengers other than strictly follow the routes as indicated.


  • QF Transport Office 4454-1105
  • Coordinator: T K Ali – 5582-5842
  • Coordinator: Ameer Noor – 6667-7785
  • Coordinator: Hamad Al Sheeb – 5521-2552

Driving Services for Business & Educational Use

Auxiliary Services coordinates transportation for all business uses including guest transportation, field trips, and deliveries. Any request received 24 hours in advance will be accommodated. Requests with less lead time will be accommodated if a driver is available. Fill out a transportation request on the FM Help desk to request a pick-up, delivery, or group transfer. Please note that itineraries may be uploaded onto the form.


  1. Driving services are to be used for business purposes only.
  2. Requests made at least one working day in advance will be accommodated. Requests with less lead time will be met only if there is a driver available.
  3. All requests should go through the FM Help Desk. Last minute changes or requests should be placed by phone to the GU-Q Transportation Coordinator at extension 8243. Please do not call a driver directly with a request.
  4. The main uses of transportation services are:
    • Transporting GU-Q business guests,
    • Transporting materials for events,
    • Making business deliveries,
    • Transporting GU-Q employees from the Georgetown building to off-site meetings,
    • Transportation between airport and home for expatriation and repatriation flights.
  5. Transportation that does NOT qualify for GU-Q driving services:
    • Transporting GU-Q employees between their homes and work, unless approved by the Auxiliary Services Manager. Employees are expected to use their transportation allowance to either obtain a car or use taxi services. An example of when a home drop-off would be approved would be if the employee is hosting a business guest for dinner.
    • Taking business guests on unplanned sight-seeing or shopping trips
    • Transportation from an employee’s home to the airport for a business trip except expatriation and repatriation.
  6. All arrangements for transportation must be made through the Transportation Coordinator or Auxiliary Services Manager. Do not make arrangements directly with the driver, as multiple requests come in daily and a central person must schedule the workload.
  7. Passengers must inform the Transportation Coordinator or Auxiliary Services Manager of any change in request.
  8. If a passenger does not show up for a car service and does not inform the Facilities Department that the transportation need is canceled, that person may not be allowed to use the services in the future.
  9. For travel within Education City, please use the QF shuttle, which circles the campus every seven to ten minutes.

Taxi Service

Need alternate transportation into town? Careem and Uber are international app-based services operating in Doha.

Strong Rent a Car (7072-6181) is a Georgetown-preferred taxi provider.

Long-term Parking

As part of QF continuous efforts to provide customers with effective services while ensuring Safety & Security at Qatar Foundation, kindly note that long-term vehicle/s parking in Education City (EC) is allowed at Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC), on the 3rd floor of the west side. Once the 3rd floor is full, vehicles can be accommodated on the ROOF of QNCC.

Allowing long-term vehicle/s parking aims to minimize and control vehicles which are left by the drivers in EC parking facilities for days. Long-term parking further aims to reduce and health issues caused by vehicles collecting dust, as well as impacts to traffic flow. This step also aims to optimize the use of limited parking spaces available to everyday commuters instead of long staying vehicles.

To ensure safety & security at QF, any vehicle parked within EC parking for more than 24 hours shall result in towing of the vehicle at owners’ expense.

Please share this information with your colleagues and students. Should you need any information or clarification on the long-term vehicle parking procedure, please contact Essa Al-Mannai, Head Security – Events & Traffic Management at

Important Information

  1. QF or its agents will not be held responsible for any damages that result from the vehicle being parked long-term in QF parking facilities;
  2. Using designated long-term parking slots is a privilege extended to Qatar Foundation Community members only;
  3. The owners using this privilege will park their vehicles in the designated parking facilities at their own risk;
  4. QF HSSE will provide reasonable security coverage of the parking facility as part of routine inspection and patrol;
  5. QF HSSE will observe any violations of the long-term EC parking procedure and record and report the same to the appropriate manager;
  6. QF HSSE will make an attempt to communicate with the vehicle owner or his representatives of the violation and provide guidance for immediate removal of the vehicle in question;
  7. If unsuccessful, the manager concerned will coordinate the removal of the vehicle at the owner’s expense. This move will be recorded by QF-HSSE as a matter of procedure who will ascertain where the vehicle will be taken;
  8. Damages incurred in the course of the towing will not be QF’s responsibility.