Key Issuance

Image of a key

Keys Included: Office and Room Spaces, Desk/Furniture Keys, Student’s Locker and Mailbox Keys, Gym and Contractor’s Lockers keys

  • Key issuance shall be recorded via the key issuance form that the end-user must sign while receiving the keys from the BOSS/Security team.
  • Similarly, key return shall be recorded via the key return form that the end-user must sign to clear his/her name against key issuance.
  • BOSS maintains the key records to ensure that information is correct and that no duplicates exist.
  • End-users leaving GU-Q must return all the keys issued in order for BOSS to sign on the clearance form.
  • End-users must protect their key/s from being lost or stolen, and shall report immediately if it is lost or misplaced.
  • BOSS also issues a Locker Key & Mail Box Key to students for their time within the building.

Charges for Replacement Keys:  QAR 50 /- single replacement key

  • Due to the unavailability of specific spare key/s, replacement keys may take longer to acquire as GU-Q requests those the QF.

Secure Key Handling and Storage:

  • BOSS provides services for secure key handling and storage via the GU-Q Security office.
  • End-user can secure important keys (safe or alike) by handing these over to the GU-Q Security office.
  • End-user must fill in the required details while handing the secure key to the GU-Q Security.
  • End-user shall mention in the form if there are any authorized personnel to access the secure key .

For more details, please see FM SOP related to Key Issue and BOSS-SOP-005 Key Issue and Access