Energy Management

One of the aims of the Building Operations Department is to promote the efficient use of energy in the University. The department is working with its maintenance contractor to ensure that the air-conditioning systems in the University are work efficiently to provide staff and students with a comfortable environment to work in. The department will endeavor to operate these systems to minimize energy waste and reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Staff and students are encouraged to support this initiative and use energy efficiently within the University. 

Why Save Energy?

Global warming is one of the biggest challenges facing mankind. Burning fossil fuels to produce electricity, air conditioned buildings and large cars results in carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Higher carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere has been found to cause global warming and unstable weather patterns around the globe.We can do our bit to reduce global warming by using energy efficiently in the University and help save the environment. 

Energy Monitoring in the University

During the forthcoming year 2011/12 The Building Operations department will be measuring the energy usage within the university with a target reduction of circa 20% over the next 12 month period, were encouraging all students and staff members to play an active role in helping us achieve this realistic first phase of a continued energy reduction plan.


Lighting is one of the major consumers of electricity in our University building. 

Some Ways You Can Help

Switch of lights that are not neededMake maximum use of daylightAvoid drawing blinds and leaving lights on during daylight hoursDon’t leave lights on in unoccupied areasEnsure that someone has responsibility for switching off lights at the end of a lecture, meeting or working day.Use local desk lights rather than main office lighting 

Computers and Office Equipment

Although each piece of equipment (e.g PCs and photocopiers) may use only a small amount of energy it all adds upThe energy used is largely given off as heat and this can make the working environment uncomfortableModern PCs have energy saving features that save energy when not in use. 

Some Ways You Can Help

  • Do not switch on computers, printers until they are needed.
  • Switch off your computer/monitor if they will not be used for an hour or more (e.g. lunch breaks).
  • Switch off all terminals, standalone processors, photocopiers and printers at the end of the working day.
  • Do not leave any electrical equipment running overnight or at the weekends unless there is a special reason for doing so.  

Other Electrical Equipment

  • Only switch on when required and switch off when not in use.
  • When purchasing electrical equipment specify energy efficient equipment.
  • Decide who will be responsible for switching off equipment (e.g. photocopiers) at the end of the working day.  


In our building we have sophisticated controls maintaining our environmental conditions at the required comfort levels. The comfort levels are set by the Building Operations Department.There are several ways in which everyone can ensure that cooling energy is not being wasted.

  • Keep doors closed in air conditioned areas.
  • Switch off equipment and lighting where possible to reduce heat gains.
  • Use blinds to reduce solar heat gains where necessary (but switch off the lights).


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