Sustainability Research & Education

Research and Education

Research & Education

Books (CIRS)

  • Babar, Zahra, and Suzi Mirgani, eds. Food Security in the Middle East. New York: Oxford University Press/Hurst, 2014
  • Luomi, Mari. The Gulf Monarchies and Climate Change: Abu Dhabi and Qatar in an Era of Natural Unsustainability. New York: Oxford University Press/Hurst, 2012

Book Chapters

  • The Basic Guarantee of the Goals of Equality, Efficiency, and EnvironmentalismAuthors: Karl Widerquist; Michael Lewis; Philip Lawn

Occasional Papers (CIRS)

  • Qatar’s Natural Sustainability: Plans, Perceptions, and Pitfalls (Mari Luomi)
  • Conservation in Qatar: Impacts of Increasing Industrialization (Renee Richer)
  • Water, State Power, and Tribal Politics in the GCC (Laurent Lambert)

Panels (CIRS)


Working Groups & Summary Reports (CIRS)


  • “Environmental Sustainability in Qatar’s Education City: Strategies, initiatives and education”(Mari Loumi, John Crist, Bushra Alam, Muhammad Bilal Shakir)